Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What does it mean to Dance with our Souls?

“If I could say it, I wouldn’t have to dance it” 
- Isadora Duncan

More than any other art form, Dance has the power to embody and transmit knowledge and wisdom in an immediate and profound way, surpassing words and reaching deeply into the mysteries of the human soul. 

Isadora Duncan inspired us to “listen to the music of our souls” and allow it to draw us “toward the light”. 

She also showed us that our souls are fed by the great reservoir of human inspiration and achievement in the sister arts like sculpture, painting, poetry, and story-telling through the great narratives that shape the human spirit - the myths.

Through the awakened senses, the Natural world begins to reveal its sacred mysteries, opening the pathways from body to soul.  Through the great myths, the human soul begins to perceive its divine reflection.  And through the sister arts, the dancing soul begins to write its own poetries that reveal the hidden likenesses between Self and Universe.

I collaborate with dancers and other artists in the creation of inspiring and supportive experiences that engage, honor, and elevate the creative process in Dance.

My goal is to help Dancers discover new lenses and frameworks for their Dance practice and evolution, and to invite participants to discover new pathways between Body and Soul, the Self and Nature, the Self and the Mythic Archetypes, and the Self and Universe. 

Guided by this dream, I create and present movement rituals, ceremonies, and courses of study that establish creative access to and dialogue with these timeless sources and engage the whole person in the Art of the Dance - the body, intellect, heart, and soul.

Recent photo of me doing my seaside movement prayers by Larissa Valerio.

Please enjoy my movement meditation "The Transit of Venus", performed on a chilly winter's day at Camburi Beach, Brazil when the planet Venus made its epochal transit across our sky.

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